The pre-Hispanic Heritage of the Temazcal

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The Temazcal word comes from the union of words in nahuatl (Aztec indigenous language) “Tetl” (stone), “Mazzitli” (hot) and “Calli” (House), which means “House of hot stones”. The ritual bath of the temazcal is an ancestral heritage prepared by ancient Mesoamerican cultures that formed part of their everyday lives, it is 5000 years old and it is mainly a steam bath with curative, preventive, hygienic and religious purposes, used in traditional medicine and in the everyday life of the peoples of Central Mexico.

According to the cosmogony of Mesoamerican peoples, the temazcal represents the womb of the mother, the intimate dialogue with the Earth, the Moon, the stars, the place of creation, birth, death and medicine, nature, the waters, and of life.

Flowers, herbal medicines, fire, steam, and rocks are some of the elements that are used to carry out one of the most pleasant medicinal practices, positive and relaxing, both for the body and for the mind, spirit, and emotions. The temazcal is more than just one way to ensure the health, well-being, and a State of fullness and personal integration.

Apart from the ritual and spiritual issues, the fundamental effect of the temazcal is the production of induced hyperthermia (temperature rise) of the individual, and so it is temperature the basic element by which we obtain the purposes intended.

While the temazcal is an ancient ritual, it has adapted to the needs of modern society without losing their essence and in fact, it is taking great popularity. Nowadays, Temazcal still preserves the tradition in its entire process, only differing in aspects such as the construction and form of the space.

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